Behind the Lens

My name is Clarissa Fuselier (Fu-Sil-LEE-AY) and I'm a professional photographer based in Central Texas.

Photography is my passion and I studied my passion in the trenches.  Just taking my Nikon out there and capturing life, capturing you! It makes me proud to be a part of documenting a special event and to see the excitement on my customer's face when they received the finished product.

So, here's the story on me.  While working in advertising, I found myself amazed at the art behind images, light & shadows.  Soon I found myself becoming an event photographer for local Austin bands.  3 years later, when I was challenged to capture a wedding, and yours truly was completely smitten with the fun and beauty that surrounds weddings!  I've been shooting ever since.

I have a fond love and fascination with people, hence my passion for portraits.  There's nothing more intriguing than absorbing the character of a person through color, pose & light.  Capturing the true essence of the subject is what I strive to do with every single shutter click I make.

I'm "old school" and have a strong work ethic towards treating my clients right and giving them the complete satisfactory experience. I want you to walk away not just happy, but estatic!

I'm married to whom I think is the greatest man in the world and is often my assistant or 2nd shooter on events. I like Italian food, I cook Cajun and love taking photos of folks in love, folks having beautiful babies, folks laughing and crying.  I do it all. Life is good.

My mama taught me that if you treat your clients like human beings, they'll trust you in their lives.  Mama is right (thanks Ma!) My past clients all have rave reviews of my service and I couldn't be happier!

I'll see you soon!


Clarissa Fuselier

Owner & Head photographer